his is the commitment and statement of Manuel Aragon Baizan, SL (hereinafter the Sanatorio Wineries) about privacy protección policy:
To guarantee the protección, privacy and security of the personal information is important for the Bodegas Sanatorio and also the methods that we as company follow to comply with the legal policies about privacy, data protection and security of information that we hold in our web sites.  We hope that the policy described below will help you to understand the information that we as Bodegas Sanatorio can keep, how we can use it and who to share this information with.

Personal information.
Through our web site, Sanatorio Wineries will not accept any personal information about yourself (such as name, address, telephone number or email address (personal information), unless you have voluntarily authorized us (for exmple, using our register form). If you wish not to provide us with this information, please do not send us this information.

When you provide us with your personal information, this information is incorporated into a file property and responsibility of Bodegas Sanatorio, with postal address at Olivo Street, 1, 11.130 Chiclana de la Frontera, Cadiz, and we will use it to respond to your enquiries, process your orders or provide you with access to the information of your specific account. Also, in order to improve our relationship with you:

We can store and process personal information and to share it within our web site www.bodegassanatorio.com to help us understand better your business needs and improve our products and services.
We can use this personal information to contact you in order to improve our relationship with you and the services that Bodegas Sanatorio provide. This way we can povide a better support for your business needs; we can also carry out surveys to obtain a better knowledge of our customer needs and profiles.
The above activity can be carried out by a third party on behalf of us who will privately deal with the data.
If you wish not to share your personal information with us, we will respect your opinión.
We do not sale or rent your  personal information to others.
We also inform you of the possibility to use your rights to enter, rectify or cancel your personal data by sending us an email to the email address info@bodegas sanatorio.com
The supply of this data by you confirms the acceptance of the above terms and conditions.

Non personal information is stored automatically.
When you access to www.bodegassanatorio.com we can automatically (this is not by registering) collect the information that is not personally         identifiable ( for instance, the type of internet search engine and the IT system used; the domain name from the web site of origin; the number of visits, average time spent in our web site, web sites visited). We can use this information and share within our  Sanatorio Wineries in order to evaluate the use of our web site and improve its content.
“Cookies” – information automatically stored in your computer.
When you access our web site, we can store some information in your computer by the use of a “cookie” with the intention to identify you straight away next time you access our web site. Cookies can help us by many means, for instance, to allow us to adapt a web site to improve your interests or to avoid having to enter again your password every time you access the web site.  If you wish not to be identified, please delete from your computer hard drive these cookies, block them or choose to receive a warning message before a cookie is automatically stored.

Under 18 years old.
Children under age should not send any personal information to the Sanatorio Wineries without the consent of the parents or legal guardian.
Sanatorio wineries supports parents and legal guardians to teach their children to use the personal information in the internet in a proper, secure and responsable manner. Sanatorio Wineries will not store or use any information sent by children under age under any circunstances, including information sent to third parties.


Sanatorio Wineries  adopt all the necessary measures to guarantee the security of the personal information provided to us. We protect your personal information from the loss, destruction, forgery, manipulation and non authorized access.