The winery was founded by Pedro Aragón Morales, born in 1795. Following with the family tradition, he opens a small wine shop and winery in the Jerez Road, selling his wine production in the small bars in Chiclana and also directly to the public in the same winery to people that passed by the Jerez Road to go to work the small vineyards near by.  His son, Juan Aragon Ramos, inherited the vineyards and the wine shop, he expanded the business without changing the business structure and continued with local sales.

It has to be one generation after Juan Aragon Saucedo, when Diego Aragon Periñan, born in 1896 with the help of his ten children expanded  the business buying a country house in the Olivo Street, near to where his predecesors started, adding more vineyards to the family business.


His son, Manuel S. Aragon Baizan (1916), with the experience that he gains from a wine business that his father had in Cadiz, decides to take over the business and set up the fundation of what the business is today.

Manuel Aragon, SL , The winery continues with the same structure as when the business started but expanding sales and facilities.

Bodega Manuel Aragon, SL, is located within the Sherry wine production area and recognized for the quality of its wines. It´s not difficult to meet somebody in Spain who has visited our winery, offering the wines to the public in the shop called “El Sanatorio”, (The Clinic), with wine tasting activities and enjoying our delicatessen products from Chiclana.

The making of our wines start up in our vineyards, the most traditional in the región. We are conviced that every single decisión that we take in the process of making our wines is important for the quaility of the wines that we produce.

The dedication of our expert wine grower, Juan Manuel Tocino joined with the hability of our ethnologist has resulted  in the elaboration of these well apreciated wines.